“I thank you for the tremendous learning opportunity you provided in the ‘Customer-Centric’ seminar in New York. Your help in developing a focused, customer-centric vision will be invaluable in my new position.”
Trenton, NJ

“I walked away from the “Essentials of HR Management’ workshop with much more than I expected. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise”
Denver, CO

“Aloha Pete. The workshop was very informative and your facilitation was excellent”
Honolulu, HI

“Thanks Pete. The Strategic Planning class was easily one of the best classes I’ve attended – the content and notebook were very good but your delivery made all the difference. I have made plans to attend the Advanced Strategic Planning class – I hope it’s as good as your class!”
Washington, DC

“Yes, I’ve already started working on implementing your great ideas from the seminar. I hope that our company will give you reason to be proud of helping one more organization grow and become stronger.”
Kieve, Ukraine

“Thank you for providing an excellent workshop on Talent Management. It was quite an enjoyable session. You were able to tie it all together and provide insight as we enhance what we’re doing”
Oaks, PA

“Thanks Pete. It was really a great experience. I will definitely implement my action plan as soon as I get back to Ghana”

“Thanks Pete. The seminar was excellent. I have started working on a draft plan for my project at the bank. Our staff members were very receptive to the ideas I brought back”
New York, NY

“Upon returning to work this Monday I was called into my VP’s office and told that a lot of emphasis will be put on the Strategic Plan we will develop this year. And he wants me to take the leadership in putting it all together. I feel confident that I can do this after everything I learned. Thank you very much.”
Atlanta, GA

“Thanks Pete for a rewarding couple of days in Atlanta at the ‘Customer-Centric’ seminar. The course really brought home that we only win in our business when we exceed our customers’ expectations during each of our ‘touch points’ with them”
Atlanta, GA

“Steve and I were talking today about how good the class was and how we felt empowered to go forward with a Customer-Centric focus. We are in the process of creating a frontline employee training program and will use many of the concepts and techniques from your class. We want them to leave our training the same way we did leaving yours.”
Philadelphia, PA

“Just a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar you facilitated in New York last week. I found it one of the better seminars I have attended in a great while.”
Madison, IL

“I have already started my action plan by kicking off step #1 – understanding the value of our key Tier 1 customers. I have also started the dialogue with our Customer Service and Tech Support teams to assess our Customer Recovery Plan. Your experience and insight were well worth the time invested in the course.”
Little Rock, AR

“I thoroughly enjoyed your session in San Francisco earlier this month. Your facilitation style and information sharing made the session a great learning experience – and an enjoyable one.”
Honolulu, HI

“Thanks again for an outstanding Leadership workshop that has strengthened my ability to effectively handle the situations that arise during my day to day managerial duties. I have also begun to utilize some of the same methods at home with my family”
Covington, GA