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Training Programs & Consulting Services to Maximize Your Organization’s Potential for Sustained Profits & Growth

I. Clarifying Your Business Strategy

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Events
  • Organizational Development: Creating a Business Plan to Address Your Team’s Most Critical Performance Issues
  • Establishing a Succession Plan
  • Installing Business Performance Metrics that are Aligned with Your Strategy

Clients: Freddie Mac, Weyerhaeuser & the American Management Association
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II. Enhancing Your Leadership and Management Team’s Effectiveness

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Facilitating Team Building Initiatives for Your Leadership and/or Management Teams
  • Designing and Facilitating 360 Performance Assessments
  • Assessments of the Personality Styles of the Members of Your Management Team and the Team’s Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Competency Assessments for Leaders and Managers
  • Executive Coaching
  • Measuring and Enhancing Employee Engagement and Performance at the Departmental and Organizational Levels
  • Organizational Development Initiatives: Creating a Plan and Addressing Your Team’s Most Critical Performance Issues

Clients: Dannon, GE Capital, Marriott & Cracker Barrel

Training Programs Provided:

  • ‘From a Traditional Manager to a Strategic Leader’
  • ‘Managing Change’
  • ‘Applying Project Management to Your Job’
  • ‘Enhancing Employee Engagement within Your Team: Building Your Own Stimulus Plan’
  • ‘Effective Interviewing: Getting the Right Talent on Your Team’
  • ‘Performance Management, Appraisals & Your Role as a Coach’
  • ‘Building & Leading a High Performance Team’
  • ‘Accomplishing Significant Results through Others’
  • ‘Making Your Transition as a New Manager’
  • ‘Effective Communication: an Essential Business Competency’

III. Positioning Your HR Processes as a Strategic Advantage

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Executive Search
  • Conducting HR Department Audits
  • Enhancing Your Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection Process
  • Installing Performance Management Programs including Your Desired Organizational Success Factors, Employee Competencies, Performance Appraisals and Ongoing Coaching
  • Facilitating Employee Engagement and/or Union Vulnerability Surveys
  • Conducting Training Needs Assessments
  • Installing Strategic HR Metrics
  • Outplacement Coaching and Assisting with Career Transitions

Clients: Time Magazine, Michelin, Ryder Trucks & SunTrust

Training Programs Provided:

  • ‘Talent Management: Matching Your Talent Supply with Your Organization’s Demand’
  • ‘The Strategic Role of H.R.’
  • ‘Implementing HR Metrics to Improve H.R.’s Performance’
  • ‘The Fundamentals for HR Professionals’
  • ‘Training Trainers to Train’
  • ‘Utilizing Multiple Forms of Non Monetary Recognition to Reward the Behavior You Want Repeated’
  • ‘Enhancing Internal Service from Your HR Department’

IV. Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Consulting Services Provided:

  • Conducting Quality Service Audits
  • Installing Processes to Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Facilitating Customer Advisory Councils
  • Developing Standards of Performance and Scripts for Key Customer Touch Points
  • Utilizing Your HR Processes to Enhance Employees’ Customer-Centric Competencies

Clients: State Farm, Chrysler, Exxon & Seagram

Training Programs Provided:

  • ‘Customer Satisfaction: Your Responsibility and Opportunity on the Frontline’
  • ‘Customer Satisfaction Recovery: Taking Advantage of Your 2nd Opportunities’
  • ‘Internal Service and Teamwork: Assisting Your Colleagues in Satisfying Your External Customers’
  • ‘Effectively Leading a Service Team’
  • ‘Creating a Customer-Centric Organization’