The Focus Group:

Executive Search Process

I. Identifying the Position’s Required Competencies and Developing a
Position Specifications Document

  • Reviewing any relevant organizational literature– Business strategy, mission/vision/value statements, company marketing materials, etc.
  • Participating in a pre-search conference to verify the position’s required competencies and other relevant information such as acceptable hiring salary, benefit package, relocation policy, recruiting timeline, etc.
  • Creating and obtaining client approval on a Position Specifications Document.


II. Sourcing Assessing and Referring Qualified Candidates:

  • Developing a Search Plan including the utilization of multiple sourcing methodologies, targeted resources, and networks:
    • Networking to identify candidates who may or may not be seeking a job change.
    • Directly sourcing candidates from competitors and/or similar industry organizations.
    • Contacting knowledgeable referral sources.
    • Accessing advertising resources such as trade journals and internet sites.
  • Identifying and evaluating qualified candidates via:
    • Telephone interview pre-screening.
    • Conducting extensive in-depth interviews with viable candidates.
  • Conducting reference checks and a background investigation by:
    • Contacting former supervisors, peers, and direct reports.
    • Verifying educational credentials
    • Conducting credit and other background checks as needed
  • Presenting qualified candidates – typically three (3) – by discussing the candidates’ qualifications with the client and presenting resumes, interview notes, and the references report.
  • Assisting in salary negotiation and obtaining the candidate’s acceptance of the offer by functioning as an intermediary.
  • Maintaining post-employment contact with the client and candidate regarding the candidate’s job performance and acclimation to the company.

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