Making $ by Increasing Employee Engagement &

Saving $ by Decreasing Your Union Vulnerability

Your Organization Has Two Challenges Not Seen Since The 1930’s

  1. The most severe slowdown since the Great Depression – resulting in a need to obtain optimum performance from a downsized and possibly demoralized workforce: 66% of the employees in organizations where layoffs have recently occurred said that “morale has suffered and their fellow employees are less motivated.”
  2. Likely passage of a version of the Employee Free Choice Act, the most significant pro-union changes to the National Labor Relations Act since it was passed in 1935. This law would make it much easier to organize your employees – in part, by not allowing you sufficient time to react after the union files a petition for an election.

A Way You Can Address These Challenges

Using the latest employee and organizational performance research, The Focus Group has developed a quick, reasonably priced employee survey that will tell you what your management team can specifically do to:

  • Increase your level of employee engagement – thus enhancing employee and organizational performance.
  • Minimize your organization’s chances of being unionized – by addressing the issues that might cause your employees to want a union to represent them.

Organizations that fail to find out “where they stand” today are taking a huge risk and potentially “leaving a lot of money on the table” – substantially more than the cost of conducting the survey.

How This Four-Step Survey Process Can Work For You

  1. A pre-suvey meeting to tailor the survey process to your organization’s unique needs.
  2. Administration of the survey with only 30 closed ended questions – by an HR professional with years of survey experience – in employee meetings taking a maximum of 30 minutes with no limit to the number of employees attending any meeting.
  3. A Findings Report is developed providing your organization with comparisons to a database and containing:
    Your Employee Engagement Scores By Question:

    • Company-wide
    • By Facility
    • By Department
    • By Supervisor

    Your Union Vulnerability Scores By Question:

    • Company-wide
    • By Facility
    • By Department
    • By Supervisor


  4. A post-survey meeting to interpret your survey results, answer your questions and offer practical suggestions for addressing your results and increasing your scores.

The Survey’s Research Basis:

After extensive research the Hay Group, Gallup, Towers Perin, Kenexa, Quantum and other name organizations have identified:

  • The few employee workplace needs and issues that, when met, cause employees to be engaged and also less likely to be interested in a labor union.
  • That these core needs are satisfied or not depending primarily upon the actions of each employee’s immediate supervisor – each employee’s relationship with his/her manager is even more critical than some have thought.
  • That when these core employee needs are met, employees:
    • Generate over 10% higher profitability
    • Create over 10% higher customer satisfaction.
    • Are over 15% more productive.
    • Are 50% less likely to leave the organization.
    • Have over 60% fewer accidents.
    • Are much less likely to be interested in joining a union.


Why You Should Conduct This Survey Now!

  • You need to obtain optimum performance from your downsized/lean workforce.
  • Potential passage of the Employee Free Choice Act; 89% of companies recently surveyed believe the EFCA will increase their organization’s vulnerability to unions.
  • The AFL-CIO and Change to Win are pushing for passage of the Employee
    Free Choice Act saying the new President and Congress “owe” them for their estimated $1 billion in campaign contributions.
  • A more pro-labor congress and two recent pro-labor appointments to the NLRB. Unions have won over two-thirds of recent organizing elections.


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